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Northern Way Housing Co-op (NWHC) consists of 60 units ranging from one and two bedroom terrace-style apartments to three and four bedroom townhouses. NWHC is situated on the side of a hill with many units overlooking downtown Vancouver and the North Shore Mountains. We are close to public transportation, including the Canada and Millennium Lines, schools, parks and shopping.

Our units include laminate flooring or carpet, fridge and stove. All units have private entrances. Two, three and four bedroom units have hook-ups for in-suite laundry and we also have on-site laundry facilities.

NWHC is a diverse, accessible, pet-friendly community.



Membership in a Co-op offers a sense of community generally not found in regular apartment buildings. Since the Co-op is run by the Members, residents are able to actively participate in the decision making. There is no landlord – we are it! We are all responsible for the way things operate.

The structure of the Co-op consists of a Board of Directors, various committees and the general membership. The Board (elected annually) meets monthly to set the goals and objectives of the Co-op, as well as to make decisions based on policy approved by the General Membership. The Board also liaises with the various Committees.

These include the Membership, Kids, Landscaping, Move-in Move-out. Committees, -just to name a few. Committees carry out the day-to-day as well as the long range tasks that enable the Co-op to operate. For example, Membership interviews prospective applicants, while Landscaping oversees general grounds, planter boxes and lawn maintenance. Individual Members are expected to attend General Meetings, as well as regularly participate on the Committee of their choice. Additionally, Members are legally responsible for adhering to the terms of the Occupancy and the Participation Agreements signed before move-in.


On April 15, 1982 the first meeting was held to discuss a proposed co-op on city owned land at 5th and Carolina Street. “Northern Way” was selected as the name of the new co-op. In May of 1984 the co-op signs a land lease with the city; Wilson Industries wins the bid for construction. Excavation of the site begins June, 1984 with official ground breaking ceremonies held on August 12, 1984.

In March of 1985 members approve and sign member’s leases with the co-op and take occupancy on September 1, 1985. Northern Way Housing Co-operative is formed.


NWHC consists of:
  • 1 bedroom:
  • housing charge: $1263
  • share purchase: $1,800
  • 13 terrace units
  • 2 wheelchair accessible units
  • 2 bedroom:
  • housing charge: $1,650
  • share purchase: $2,400
  • 24 terrace units
  • 1 wheelchair accessible unit
  • 3 bedroom:
  • housing charge:  terrace $1,925
  • townhouse: $1,979
  • share purchase: $2,810
  • 8 terrace units
  • 11 townhouse units
  • 4 bedroom:
  • housing charge: $2132
  • share purchase: $3,050
  • 1 townhouse unit
  • Share purchases are a one time fee upon accepting membership into the Co-op and obtaining a unit.
  • updated and current as of Sept 2023